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    A Great Place to Live, Work and Visit

    Just 15 minutes Northeast of downtownEdmonton, Beverly Towne is a vibrant,
    dynamic and safe community treasured
    by residents and visitors a like.

    Our Vision Our Mission
    We envision a vibrant, dynamic, safe community that celebrates ethnic and cultural diversity and that promotes caring and belonging.

    We support and encourage the residents of Beverly Towne in the creation, enhancement and maintenance of a safe, stable and inclusive community by:

    • Being responsive to community issues
    • Identifying strengths
    • Developing partnerships and collaborations
    • Seeking out resources

    The Board of Directors is looking for residents or other interested Individuals who are  passionate about making positive change and continuing the work that has been done in  Beverly Towne.

    If you are interested in using your talents to benefit the community,please contact
    Colleen Fidler - Executive Director at Suite230,Abbottsfield Shoppers Mall, Edmonton, Alberta CANADA T5W4W1 Telephone 780-477-6333  Facsimile   780-479-3246 or by Email